We deliver quality. We select our brands of material handling equipment based upon reliability and performance because we know that the brands we represent are a direct reflection on our dealership. We are proud to carry the follow lines of forklifts and material handling equipment:

  • Taylor Material Handling Equipment – When it comes to heavy-duty machines, nothing beats a Taylor. From port operations, container handling to machinery moving, you can count on Taylor products to keep performing, even under the toughest conditions.
  • Kalmar-Ottawa Yard Tractors and Spotters – Kalmar-Ottawa products are the gold standard in container and trailer lot management. Kalmar Ottawa not only invented the terminal tractor, they have continually innovated with new engineering and design to make Kalmar Ottawa trucks the most reliable, best performing, purpose-built trucks in the business.
  • CLARK Material Handling – CLARK has been producing forklifts for nearly a century. Their experience and wide variety of cushion tire, pneumatic tire, electric forklifts and light-duty material handling equipment provides our customers the forklifts they need for nearly any application.
  • BYD Forklifts – BYD and their new Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is setting the new standard for electric forklifts. One battery, one charger, one charge for an entire shift, eliminated emissions and improved safety are just a few of the advantages of this exciting new line-up of electric forklifts
  • Combi-Lift Forklifts – Using patented, leading edge technology, the Combilift is equipped with a unique 4-way steering system, allowing the machine to travel sideways with long loads. Narrow aisles and doorways are never a problem for the Combilift thanks to the advanced steering system and high level of control the driver has over the vehicle.
  • Aisle-Master – The Aisle-Master VNA articulated forklift is the versatile lift truck that does it all. It works in narrow aisles to enable a dramatic reduction of working aisle widths in the warehouse.

We are proud of our brands and would appreciate the opportunity to present our line-up of material handling equipment as a solution to maximizing your material handling operations.